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Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm the owner and lead photographer at Rebecca Smart Photography. I attended the infamous CIAS at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where I received a Bachelors in Advertising Photography. I, shortly after graduation, moved from the beautiful Keuka Lake region to the city of Rochester. This is where I planted my feet and put my heart and soul into my love for photography. Among many other things, I am a self proclaimed trivia extraordinaire, dog mommy, and serious music junkie. It doesn't matter what it is that i'm doing, if it involves great music, i'm having a good time! I suppose that's a small part of what I love about being a wedding photographer.  Though the bulk of my work in Upstate New York is in Wedding Photography, I do it all... Corporate Headshots and Product Photography, Band Photography, Landscape, Still Life and everything in between.


When it comes to weddings, I feel extremely lucky to be in a profession which allows me to be a part of each couples love story. With over 10 years experience under my belt, weddings have been a great source of joy in my live.  My mission is to provide memories that truly last a lifetime. On a day, that is as exciting as your wedding day, it's impossible to not have a great time!   Happiness is infectious... Laughter, energy and fun is something I find impossible to run out of. I strives to create stunning and creative images that capture the true beauty and love that your day possesses. To almost all of my weddings, I comes with one of my wildly talented associate professional photographers in tow, as a secondary photographer for the day. 


From quiet thoughts and heart-felt vows to late night dance moves, not a moment is missed. I look so forward to the privilege and honor of capturing the continuation of your love story. Give me a ring today! We'll plan a time to meet up, get acquainted and discuss all the excitement that awaits.

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